On the way the plenary consultations to draft Serbia’s budget for 2018. From the first hints, almost 2bln of euro will be destined to the investments on capital and infrastructures, for a total around 2,7% of the GDP. Economic growth is projected to be around 3,5% on a yearly basis, while the deficit, according to the FMI should stand at 0,7%ca of the GDP.

At the end of November, Montenegro and Albania inaugurated the long-awaited railway station of Tuzi, which is located between the two countries. The connection is, now, the only link to the international market for Albania and, as the Direction of the state-owned Albania Railways pointed out, will allow the country’s economy to growth within the larger Balkan region.

Albania recorded a fall in foreign investment, with a negative of -4,2%, in the period January-September, compared to last year. The data is reported by the National Bank of the country, that, suggested the nearly completion of the works on the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) as the main cause for the shortfall; the building of the pipeline encouraged in the two-year period 2015-2016 an increase in foreign currencies in the country.

Albanian government is about to introduce one balance sheet for companies, with the aim to further formalize the economy. The measure, supported by the National Bank and by the Ministry of Economics, aims for normalizing economic relations among economic actors, ending the irregularities committed by some companies operating in Albania in order to avoid taxation. Moreover, one balance sheet will make the management of financing originating from banks more transparent.

Bulgarian Air has added Milano Linate to its destinations, starting from December the 10th, for the whole winter season. The company chose the second airport of Milan for a combination of quick connections to the city and lower costs both for the passengers and the airline itself. The flights to and from Milan will take place once a week, always on Sunday.

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